How much space do I need for an outdoor movie?

Well that depends on which size screen you want. The smallest one needs about 8 metres clear and the largest one about 15 metres clear space

How long does it take to set up a big screen?

Usually about an hour to set everything up, we do need access for our van and a power outlet too.

What happens if it rains?

We usually tell people to plan ahead and have a contingency option – as it’s an OH&S issue to have live wires and electronics exposed to the rain – and your audience wont enjoy it either. Some people like to have a second location agreed so we can still hold the event – like a hall or covered area. Other options are to have a second date agreed that the show can go on.

What movies can I show?

You can show most nearly any movie you want. Remember though, what is ok for your TV set in the lounge might not be appropriate on a large screen outdoors where it can be seen outside your four walls.

If I want to show a DVD I own for a fundraiser can I do this?

No, you cannot do this. Showing a DVD or movie in public will require a public showing fee to be paid to the movie’s owner. This is done through one of the major film distributors such as Roadshow or Amalgamated. If this is not done, it is a breach of copyright which would incur considerable fines and penalties.

So how do I get a public showing fee in place?

You can contract the film distributors and negotiate this or we can do this on your behalf.

So what else can you do at an outdoor movie event?

Our service is digital, so nearly anything you can put up on a computer or TV screen can be projected for you This means things like picture slideshows, TV, Internet and/or video camera streaming are all possible subject to any copyright considerations.

Do you only do outdoor events?

No we have both outdoor and indoor screens to suit your applications. We have been asked to set up screens in many varied locations from school stages, halls, tents, to car parks and even on the back of a semi trailer! Just ask us how we can best help with your event.

Can you organize more than just movies for us?

Yes we can! We have a relationship with Harrington Entertainment which considerably increases our scope. Together we can be a complete one stop shop for your event including concession stands, jumping castles, rides, food stalls, slushie machines and movies all in the one place – taking the stress out of organizing your fundraiser or public event. Call us for a quote!