Personalised to suit you

With different screen sizes – both outdoor and indoor. We can cater for all types of indoor and outdoor events.

Special Events

Corporate functions, birthdays, anniversaries, clubs. Celebrate with a big screen experience for that WOW factor.


A perfect way to raise funds for your Local School, Charity, Community Group or Sporting Club.
Movies are great family events, so why not tailor your fundraiser and have a drive-in session in the school car park? Or simply have everyone grab a blanket or deck chair and run a movie at a football field? Movie events last a lot longer than a fireworks show, are more environmentally friendly without loud explosions or smoke clouds to upset the neighbours!

Corporate Events

Planning a convention or other corporate event? Why not finish off the event with a movie night? Our service is digital so we can play slideshows or corporate promotions throughout the event, we are able to do live video and internet streaming onto our screens. Classic films make for a great bonding session. As do giant video games – see who the best dancer or karaoke singer!

Theme Nights

These are only limited by your imagination. How about a “Jaws” theme party where the guests float in the backyard pool watching Jaws or similar movies? Or perhaps a zombie movie night where your guests are encouraged to dress up while served ghoulish delicacies from the buffet. Talk to us about your ideas and we’ll see if we cannot make them happen for you.


The big screen experience at a birthday party is truely magical. Imagine the kids playing each other in a video game projected on the huge screen? Or what about a some key embarrasing photos of the birthday boy/girl shown for all to enjoy at 18th, 21st, 50th or 75th parties For the frustrated entertainers out there, the wide screen is calling for your karaoke session.

Grand Final evenings

Didn’t get tickets to go to the grand final? Too bad, how about holding a “grand final” evening in your yard on the big screen! No traffic, no hassles to get home, just focus on the game and celebrating.

Special Events

Have a special Anniversary, Milestone or News to Share and Celebrate? Why not display your announcement, proposal or message on a Big Screen!